Blackbaud Talent Management Capabilities Help Higher Education Institutions Effectively Manage and Retain Fundraising Talent

November 4, 2019 Lolly Ihrke

Designed to help advancement leaders set results-oriented goals, track officer activity, and benchmark officer performance

With over 35 years of experience and serving over 3,000 higher education institutions, Blackbaud understands the challenges advancement leaders face in hiring, supporting, and retaining gift officer talent. To help institutions improve officer performance the company recently launched its new talent management capabilities. These capabilities provide the first online performance tracking tool for fundraising leaders and managers, enabling transparency, proactive management, and peer officer benchmarking.   


"The struggle to understand officer performance and develop high-performing fundraising talent continues to be a widely discussed challenge at industry forums like bbcon, Blackbaud’s Higher Ed Executive Advisory Board, CASE events, and EDUCAUSE events,” said Tim Hill, president and GM of Blackbaud’s Higher Education Solutions. “Leveraging our proven expertise in higher education, we are excited to bring to market focused talent management capabilities to help advancement leaders effectively manage resources critical to their overall fundraising success. 


Blackbaud’s talent management capabilities enable proactive management, improve transparency between officer and manager, and offer benchmarking with thousands of peer gift officers. Key benefits include: 

  • - Tailored performance management for fundraisers and their managers 

  • - Live, online tracking of goals and activities for timely transparency 

  • - The ability to recognize excelling officers and offer early intervention for struggling officers 

  • - Industry benchmarks for insight on high performing gift officers  


Customers are already using Blackbaud’s talent management capabilities to develop and execute fundraising performance strategies at their institutions. “The future of fundraising lies in effective talent management. Create a talent strategy to support your organizational strategy and goals,” said Eric Bowman, talent manager, Texas A&M Foundation. “Put in place the talent-related activities that will drive performance. Spend your energy on attracting, acquiring, developing, and retaining the right people.”  


Learn more about Blackbaud’s solutions for higher education institutions at    



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